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Our workshop and one-on-one consulting programs cost tens of thousands of dollars. We charge a premium becuase we know what works and we get results for our clients. We’ve condensed all our knowledge into online courses to help businesses with smaller budget learn the important aspects of marketing. We’re on a mission to help businesses.

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Vision Force University is an online program brought to you by veteran marketing professionals, Sean Whitfield and Leah Hoppes. With over 40 years of combined marketing experience, these two have condensed their in-person programs to digestible courses for you and your business.


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    My experience with vision force and Sean was absolutely a life changer! I’m not sure exactly how it works but I think Sean told me the things I needed to hear to motivate me to change my life. I went from a job I really disliked, financially struggling generally just not happy in life. After speaking with Sean, two years later I have change my life drastically, Job I love! I actually look forward to going to work on Monday, I’m making really good money, and my personal life is just getting better every day. Thank You Sean! Sincerely Jesse

     Jesse W.
    Jesse W.

    Working with Sean and Leah these past few weeks has absolutely re-energized everyone involved! Their expert advice feels tailor made to our business and the markets we serve – not just a cookie cutter recipe to follow. Most importantly they’re teachers. They don’t just hand us answers or solutions but empower us to reimagine our processes and look at new ways to create our own roadmap to success. I haven’t been this excited about coming to work in YEARS!

    Warwick Publishing
    Warwick Publishing

    I love these people, I would say vision force but Leah and Sean are the force behind my marketing vision. They are great listeners and it shows in their work. When I read their article in the paper my soul started singing and I thought one or two things “This is it!” in my Michael Jackson voice or they have a gift of gab; well it turns out that they just simply have a gift and I’m blessed to have crossed their path. They are mixed like a perfect dish with just the right amount of ingredient of everything you need. They have giving me faith that there are still people in business for the love of it and not the money. Thanks Leah & Sean, words can’t explain what you have done for my vision but I thought I would type them anyway.

    Ulonda Carver,
    Ulonda Carver, Owner of Hair Knowledge School of Loc & Braid Technology

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Marketing your business in today’s landscape is hard. Even though marketing tactics are changing, marketing principles do not. Our courses focus on time-tested marketing principles to make sure your business stands out as a clear choice for your customers.

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